Copy trades

Copy trading is a way to make a profit by automatically copying trades of a selected trader to your account.

We offer an improved differentiation system. Now you do not need to have a proportional amount in your account, lot volumes are automatically recalculated in accordance with your deposit.


  1. Fund's work on your trading account;
  2. No VPS server is required for the smooth operation of the system;
  3. Deposit / withdrawal at any time convenient for you;
  4. No installation fees.

How to use?

  1. Open a trading account with the title - COPY;
  2. Fund a trading account;
  3. Choose a trader-provider;
  4. The system will automatically start copying trades to your account;
  5. At the end of each month, of the profit received in the amount of 30% as a reward will be debited from your account to the trader - provider.

Monitoring copy accounts:

Copy Cent 500+

  • from 500$;
  • Conservative.